"This program is like a supermarket of ideas with a return on investment on every shelf."
~ Mike Randick
Chicago Title
"Jim's sales management course is very real and down-to-earth. It cuts straight to the point and that is "Getting Results."
~ Jonathon Horn
"I found Jim Meisenheimer's training to be informative, valuable and fun. His training style was relaxed, lighthearted, and packed with good ideas."
~ Deb Fletcher
Chicago Title
"Great stuff!"
~ Dennis Limbaugh
(VP Sales)
Given Imaging
Your presentation was clearly the best I have ever experienced.
~ Al D’Alessio
Chicago Title
"Good program. Lots of good ideas!"
~ John W. Marlowe
Markson LabSales
"I've never learned so many do’s and don'ts for my profession in one-day session!"
~ Lorraine Javier
"In two days I gained insight into management that would have taken two years without this training program."
~ Gary McLendon
"As a new national sales manager, Jim's sales management course went into the detail of all the bullet points in my job description."
~ Andy Wunsch
"This course offers an abundance of knowledge to take back to my sales team and will make me a better sales leader."
~ Matt Zaleski
"Refreshing and eye opening!"
~ Lee Payne
"The most helpful information I have ever received in two days."
~ George Jeffries
"This was the most thought provoking and productive two days I have ever had in my management career."
~ Randy Scott
"This course was like a shopping trip to Sears, a tool for just about any job that I need to manage my sales team. These tools are pretty much guaranteed for life if used correctly. "
~ Steven Flint
"Two days of eye-opening and thought provoking ideas."
~ Kimberly Clark
"This course provides clear and specific actions I can use immediately to improve sales performance."
~ Jonathan Boughen
"I'm amazed at how smart I am and how little I know! This is a great course that I would recommend to anyone."
~ Gianpaolo Sinicropi
"If you are in sales management and want to improve your sales team's results, you need to come to this seminar."
~ Brian Kiernan
"Selling and sales management are two different things. I now understand and have great start on knowing what I don't know."
~ Geoff Ruff

ATTENTION: Sales manager has just been rated as one of the 50 best jobs in 2011. As the economy picks up, so do sales. Are you ready for the challenges?

"Can Your Sales Management Skills Take Your Company To the Next Level? Find Out What THE BEST Sales Managers Do That Makes Them Exceptional...
Even in This Struggling Economy

"Our company has been struggling under the economic turmoil lately and as the Sales Manager of our outside sales force, it felt like I was at the center of the storm personally. Stress? You bet. I thought my job was at risk and that it was over... then, the company brought in Jim to spend time with me and our sales staff and in less than two weeks, we are back on track to meet and even exceed our sales goals this month... thanks to Jim's training, things are running a lot smoother and I'm much more confident in my job security." ~ Brian Sexson, Solo Investments, LLC Raleigh NC

Dear Sales Manager:

Being a sales manager is an extremely challenging position today, it's a tough job.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newly appointed sales manager you are likely feeling the pressure of the struggling economy and your sales team is being tested like never before.

Over the years, even in the best of times, I've often been amazed at how much responsibility is dumped on the shoulders of top sales managers and how companies often fail to provide the needed training to help them accomplish these tasks.

Many times what I've also seen are great salespeople thrust into the role of sales manager with no training or resources at all to help them succeed.

In today's challenging economic times, if you are going to survive -- let alone thrive as a sales manager, coasting along with the 'business as usual' approach to your job just isn't going to cut it any longer.

In fact, I'm booked for months out now by companies who are expecting more and more of their sales managers and teams BECAUSE of the economy.

They bring me in to help their sales departments pick up the pace, move the company forward, and implement industry best practices to give them the best chance to create more business and increase productivity.

Failure is not an option.

As a sales manager, not only do you have to meet all of your own quota's and goals, but you also have to guide, support, encourage, train, motivate and hold accountable your sales team to meet theirs.

American Airlines Flight #1417

There I was, flying to Las Vegas to do a two-day Sales Management training program when I strike up a conversation with the guy in the seat next to me, Keith...

"What kind of work do you do?" I ask him.

He replies, "I'm a sales manager" and then he proceeds to tell me about his company, his responsibilities, and some of his problems too.

After a while, he asks me, "What about you -- what kind of work do you do?" And I explain to him that "I coach and train salespeople and sales managers on how to increase sales, earn more money, have more fun, and how to do it all in less time."

He says, "You coach sales managers, man could I ever use a coach!"

I asked him, "What do you mean?" and he said, "One day I'm a very successful sale representative and the next day I'm a sales manager..."

He continues... "Hey, I wanted this job - it was a dream come true for me." Then, he goes on to explain how he was basically given a title and a whole new set of responsibilities but very little guidance or training on how to get it all done.

Keith is not unique - of course not all sales managers are top sales-people who get promoted into the management role, some are top-notch executives who have trained specifically to become managers, but many of them are just like Keith... promoted from within, from a sales position that they excelled at doing, into management.

However, it is very common for companies to provide little support or guidance to sales managers regardless of where they come from, how they got their job or how much experience they have as sales managers.

"Keith, as a sales manager, what are some of the biggest challenges you're dealing with right now?" I asked him.

He said, "You got an hour to hear them all?"

So, I listened and even took some notes while he was talking and here's a short list of just some of the things he needed help

Time management
Planning a dynamite sales meeting
Strategic account plans
Measuring performance
Setting goals that get results
Self confidence

I said, "That's quite a list."

Then he talked about his wife and his family life and how she told him that...

"You're always working longer hours, you're always stressed out, and you're always thinking about work."

All he could do was agree with her because she was right... but Keith loves his job and just wants to do it well.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Over the years I've trained over 4,000 sales managers... not only that, but for many years I was a sales manager myself, so I feel your pain.

Back then it was a tough and demanding job, today... it's even more challenging.

But let's face it, if you hope to move up the ladder of success, you need to be the best sales manager possible and once you show what you can do with your sales team, the future looks pretty bright.

Good sales managers are hard to find, great sales managers are solid gold and smart companies do everything they can to keep them and move them up the ladder.

"What Do Top Sales Managers Have That
Struggling Sales Managers Sometimes Lack?"

What I've discovered over my many years as a trainer is simply this... the one common missing element among struggling sales managers is knowledge.

KNOWING how to be a top sales manager is not something that most people can just figure out alone over years with trial and error.

Let's face it... your company isn't going to let you "figure it out" on their time with a trial and error approach, right?

So, how do you get the knowledge then?

Traditionally, you could do several things...

1. Go back to college or school and get specialized training

While this might be a good way to get management skills or learn how to be a top-notch sales manager, let's face it... it's very time consuming and impractical for most people to go back to school full time or even part time and earn a higher degree when they are already working full time and trying to manage their families too.

In fact, this approach often wastes time because so much of what you learn is NOT relevent to the task at hand - being a great sales manager.

College is good for degrees, but that doesn't mean you'll get the results you need to succeed as a top sales manager.

When you are expected to get results NOW... this may not be the best approach for your short or mid-term goals.

2. Seminars and Training Events

I offer seminars and training events myself and they are a great way to polish up your skills or catch up on technology or the latest and best practices.

Seminars and training events are also great for what I call "sharpening the axe" - in other words, building on your strengths and weaknesses so you can plan your learning and focus your course of action moving forward.

Seminars and events are great and they should be a part of your ongoing program of professional growth as a sales manager, but because these are usually only one to three day events, it's difficult to put everything into action that you learn quickly and because of time and budget restrictions (asking your company to have a training event each week or month might raise an eyebrow or two), seminars and training events are really limited to only a few times per year at best.

3. Read Books

Reading books, magazines, and other sales management, sales skills, or business publications is one of the keys that successful sales managers do constantly.

These keep you up to date on the latest advances in sales, management, business, economy, events, trends, etc. and are invaluable in helping you remain at the cutting edge of your field.

However, most books are very general in nature and magazines offer glimpses into solutions for you - but most publications are just not as specific as a course would be or as focused as a seminar or training event.

Definitely stay up to date and read, read, read to improve yourself as a person and your skills as a sales manager, but don't rely exclusively on books.

4. Trial and Error

As mentioned earlier... this is probably one of the best ways to learn anything in life, being a great sales manager included, however, your company may not agree. Do you really have the luxury of time and is your company going to tolerate your mistakes while you learn how to do your job? Likely not.

5. Coaching or Mentoring

While I offer coaching and mentoring and you can find others who also offer this service, it can be very cost prohibitive and time consuming.

In many cases, you need to actually travel to where the coach or mentor is located to get the training and although this one-on-one training is invaluable, finding an available, qualified sales manager coach or mentor isn't as easy as it may sound.

Availability is often very limited and you or your company need to have a budget set aside just for this training. For example, currently I am not even accepting any additional clients into my one-on-one coaching program and probably will not for the remainder of this year due to time constraints and current bookings.

"Sales Managers -- How to Solve Your
Biggest Problems Affordably
and From
Your Own Computer in Just Minutes a Day."

So, combined all of the above methods can help you to be a top performing sales manager if you can find the time, energy, and resources to put them all into practice as you run your sales teams and do your job.

The truth is that what you really want, like Keith, is someone who can guide you through the most important tasks and responsibilities you have as a sales manager.

Also, having someone show you proven systems to put into place to help you do your job is a whole lot better than creating them from scratch alone.

Finally, you want this training affordably, and available on your own time so you can learn it when YOU are ready and when it's convenient for YOU.

Think of it as a course that is only geared toward your success based on the industry best practices and presented as your own, private, secret weapon... a silent coach who is there to help you do your job better than you could possibly do it alone without guidance or support.

"Learning How to Become a Sales Manager Superstar
-- Once Difficult, Now Easy."

Technology has changed the way training happens.

Let's face it... the internet is a game changer.

You can use it to spy on your competition or research market trends or even follow up automatically with prospects and generate leads at a small percentage of the cost of traditional lead generation techniques.

What you can also do now
as a result of the internet and technology and the creation of my new Effective Sales Management Training Program is get sales manager training 24/7, 365 days a year or whenever it's convenient for you.

My SalesTrailblazer.com™ training program for sales professionals set all kinds of records in my business and received so much praise from members who discovered how powerful the internet can be to
learn a new skill or improve an
old one.

And, as a direct result of that program based on feedback from hundreds of sales managers who went through that training or put their sales team through the course, I've created this very focused and comprehensive Effective Sales Management Training Program and make it available for you today.

It's needed... you asked me to create it for you and you requested the very specific topics I've included in the program to help you become the sales manager superstar you truly want to be and your company requires you to become.

"They Told Me Sales Managers Can't be Trained Online - But When I Showed Them This Program..."

Here are some of the topics we cover in this 24 week online training course, delivered to you one lesson at a time each week:

How to deal with multiple priorities and responsibilities easily, effectively, and efficiently.
The 7 secrets to motivating your sales team to deliver results and exceed sales goals consistently each and every month.
Proven tactics and strategies for making your numbers consistently every year...
Time management secrets to achieving balance in your work and personal life.
You got the job - now what, making the transition from sales to sales manager superstar quickly and smoothly.
The 12 essential keys to your sales management success that the top sales managers in the world rely on to keep their company and sales team's on the winning course and outperforming the competition consistently.
How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes you can make as a sales manager in this 'new' economy' and secret tactics to actually take advantage of the economic challenges to boost your sales results.
Discover why most new sales managers struggle to increase their teams performance and sales and the 7 simple steps you can take to avoid them.
How to master the powerful and simple five-step goal setting process and why you need to do this if you want to be a top sales manager.
Setting the right example for your salespeople and your company - understanding your role as a sales manager in everyone's eyes so you can reduce stress and improve results.
The successful sales manager's secrets to balancing your work life and your personal life and why getting these right is critical to your success.
Accountability is key - easy, proven methods for measuring the performance of your sales team individually and collectively so you can define and strengthen the strong links in your chain and support or eliminate the weak ones.
Effective sales meetings should NEVER be boring or time-wasting. Discover how to make every sales meeting a results delivering and numbers pumping success event.
Field travel with your salespeople? Only if you want the absolute best team. Learn the secret of planning and doing powerful one-on-one training and cooperative sales.
The 3 critical, proven, interviewing and hiring secrets used by the top sales managers for attracting and hiring the best, most qualified sales people for your team.
Why "Hiring slow and firing fast" is the ONLY way to stay sane and move your team forward and how to easily learn this powerful management skill.
Revealed: The secrets of master sales manager recruiting. Once you have the BEST players on your team, it isn't hard to look like a hero to your company.
The art of Interviewing - how to tell the winners from the whiners in under ten minutes.
How to hit the ground running and get every new hire off to a fast and productive start using a proven system.
Simple Sales training methods to help you motivate, encourage, support and train your team to want to deliver their best for you and your company EVERY single day.
Discover advanced training tactics, tools and strategies to take your top performers to even greater sales and success. It's one thing to teach the basics to your team, but helping your top performers sell even better can be challenging - not anymore.
The easy to prepare strategic account plan templates that save you time, stress, and questions from your superiors and how to use them to increase your sales every time.
Get advanced presentation skills training for sales executives that you can use yourself and teach your team. Simple, step-by-step, powerful techniques to help you make an impact and get results.
See yourself mastering how to become an exceptional sales coach and helping your team to become "Sales Trailblazers!"
A blueprint for sales motivation - what works and what doesn't work to get your team's performance pumping results for your company.
Discover a step-by-step management outline that will improve your relationship within your company and earn you the respect you deserve as a sales manager.
Discover the secrets of real "self-development" for you and your sales team without all of the "woo-woo" garbage that just wastes time and distracts from getting real results.
How to fine tune your priorities and manage them successfully so you have a fun, fulfilling, productive sales managers role and personal life.
Learn exactly what your salespeople really want from you as their sales manager and discover the methods and tools to deliver it so they can focus on doing their jobs.

Plus a whole lot more...

Picture yourself a year from now having mastered all of these things above... how does it feel to be a top performing sales manager? What is your company saying about you now? How secure is your job now that you've created the best sales team the company has ever had?

You see, that can be you... and although it isn't just "push the button and get everything magically" - because that doesn't exist, no matter what anyone tells you...

...I've created this incredible program to deliver just what you need in weekly lessons that give you the most condensed, precise, time saving, clear and simple tools to help you become the very best sales manager you can be in just 24 short weeks.

Each week you'll receive a new lesson delivered right to your email -- a short .pdf and quality mp3 so you can either listen or read or (like me) both.

These short lessons take the most critical elements I've learned from the top sales managers in the world and the most important training that I do in my seminars and coaching and delivers them directly to you so you can put them into action.

Each week you have a full 7 days to review the lesson and do the short assignment putting the action items into place so you can begin immediately seeing results.

This is a serious program for sales managers who want to take their roles to the next level.

"Don't Risk One Penny Till This Course Turns You
Into a Successful Sales Manager Superstar..."

You already realize that this is a program you want to have but unless you've been in my training seminars or at my events you may not know me and you would like to be more comfortable moving forward. I understand and because you want to get started today I'll do something for you that will
put your mind at ease... order now, relax, enjoy your first month of lessons one a week for four full weeks and if you are not 100% thrilled, simply request a refund and I'll immediately honor your request and stop delivering the course to you.

All of the risk is on me... you can only gain by taking advantage of this powerful course and I want to make it as easy for you to do as possible... but only if you move forward.


Three Bonuses For You

Bonus # 1 - You get 1-hour of personal coaching, one-on-one via the telephone with Jim Meisenheimer. This coaching will focus on any topics related to sales, sales management, and marketing.
This is a $997 value.

Bonus # 2 - You get one FREE ticket for either you or one of your salespeople to my next No-Brainer Selling Skills Boot Camp. These 2-day Boot Camps emphasize common sense ideas that get immediate results.
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Bonus # 3 - You get one FREE subscription for one of your salespeople for my Sales Trailblazer Sales Training Program. This sales training includes 24 weekly lessons delivered via PDF and MP3 formats.
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Total value for these 3 Bonuses is $2,556.00

I've put years of my life into this course and thousands of hours of learning and experience as well. I'm very confident that you will love what you learn and that it will help you become a great sales manager.

"I'll Make You a Sales Manager
As Easily As This!"

My seminars and events cost clients anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands per attendee.

"What I've put together here I could not cover in a full three day weekend in the same detail we've covered here and if I could, it would not be nearly as effective or affordable."

You have a time-released course that gives you just enough each week to help you, but not burden you down or distract you from your job or family.

You don't have to invest thousands of dollars to take this valuable course either... in fact, each month you will invest less than it probably costs you to pay for airport parking.

I could easily charge $1,997 for this course all bundled up into a home study course with DVD's and CD's, work books etc. but like I said earlier, technology has really changed the way I can help you and you can learn.

Technology also makes it possible for me to avoid all of that production overhead and I can pass those savings to you.

Would it be a fair price to ask you to invest just $297.00/mo. for this kind of weekly training and support? That is what was suggested I charge for this material when I surveyed over 300 of you recently.

In fact, you felt that the $197.00/mo. regular member investment that I'm going to charge after the charter memberships are no longer available is even too low!

However, because I'm releasing this program for the first time and I want your feedback so I can make this program even better, here is what I'd like to do.

For the first 250 Charter Members who join my Effective Sales Management Training Program your investment is only $197.00/mo. $97/month
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Jim Meisenheimer

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